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Great news we are restarting launching at JSC make sure you sign up for the gate list 


NHRC Launches are held at NASA's Johnson Space Center.
Launches are held on the first and third Saturday of every month.

Note: June,July,August we only launch on the third Saturday
To get unto the Johnson Space Center site you need to be on the JSC gate list.
If you are not already on the JSC gate list...

Everyone can read NHRC Groups messages by clicking below. To join and post you will have to create an account with by clicking on the signup button (top far right corner). If you do you'll have the option to receive or not receive messages as E-mails to your email account. Beware if you opt to receive you will get a lot of emails.

NHRC Contact
President: Mark Hawkins
Vice President: Lee Spinner
Secretary/Treasurer: Warren Benson
NAR Advisor: Harold Larson

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