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NHRC Launches are held at NASA's Johnson Space Center. Launches are held on the first and third Saturday of every month.The third Saturday is considered a High Power launch. See the information sheet for further information.

Please be aware that this area is SECURITY-RESTRICTED (similar to a military base). If you are new to NHRC launches and JSC, you must have your name and that of everybody that will be coming with you added to the NHRC Security Access list prior to arriving. All adults must show a photo ID at the gate.

To have your name added to the JSC Security Access list, you can do one of two options:

1. (Recommended for rocketeers launching often) Click below to download a copy of the NHRC Membership application. Submit this to the address listed on the form at least a week before our launch date to ensure the paperwork get's completed in time.  Also complete step 2 below a week in advance.

2. (Recommended for all members not on gate list, spectators and visiting rocketeers) At least one week in advance, please send an email to with Last Name space space First name (additional family names separated by comma's).  If more than one last name, do a new line for each unique last name.


Doe     John, Jane, Sue.







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